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Pros of Treating Depression using Ketamine

Depression can be defined as the feeling of hopelessness and rebirth. Depression is brought about by abuse, certain medications, conflict, a loss or death, genetics, and severe illnesses among others. Depression may lead to effects such as apathy, anxiety, mood swings, agitation and even insomnia and sometimes suicidal thoughts. Most people who go through depression are ignorant that they are currently experiencing depression. Depression can cause how chronic depression is and how many diseases and suicides but there are people who have no clue of this Researchers are working day and night to come up with ways to fight depression. There are many ways in which depression is treated. The risky ones are suppressing the feeling of depression and also pretending that depression is not there. Among the many methods available is the use of ketamine. Different places use different methods. Some of these methods are effective while some of them are less effective. The problem with depression is yet to be wholly solved despite all the technological advancement and also advancement in other aspects of life. Depression is more chronic compared to drug addiction because recession has led to countless deaths.

Ketamine is entirely new in the field of treating depression. Kentamine was used as an anesthetic in wars and as a sedative in operating rooms a long time ago. Some people use Ketamine as a drug because they like its effects. This has led to many people loathing Ketamine. Despite how promising it is and how great it is compared to other methods it is yet to be fully embraced into treating depression.

There are numerous ways to treat depression. Various ways are used to curb depression such as use of antidepressants, psychotherapy and other forms of therapies Antidepressants function a little bit like Ketamine. Messages in the brain are relayed using a chemical known as serotonin which is reduced by antidepressants. In a profound way, this reduces the level of depression. There is a relative similarity between that with how Ketamine functions. The main difference between it and other drugs is that Ketamine is yet to be wholly accepted since some people use it as substance. Generally, Ketamine functions faster than most drugs. The common antidepressants used today take close to half a month after dosage for changes to be visible. The reason for this is because some drugs have to be accumulated in the body for them to function. Gradually, they replace various chemicals in the body that might be in low amounts or even missing and thus depression is affected and bit by bit it is worn off. In this particular aspect Ketamine holds an advantage. It functions almost instantly after taking the drug. Ketamine influenecs the brain’s structure while other drugs influence the chemicals in the brain. Research shows that it may allow for the brain to grow back or better yet heal parts that might be damaged or missing.

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