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Different Forms of House Siding

Homeowners are tasked with the lifelong hob of ensuring a home remains in great condition. This task comprises of making necessary home improvements and renovations. There are many home improvement projects that a homeowner can undertake. One important home improvement project is installing house siding. House siding offers protection from adverse weather condition and also increases the aesthetic appeal of a home. There are different types of materials that are used for house siding. The different materials offer a difference in cost, durability, energy efficiency and water resistance. When choosing a house siding for your home, it is essential to ensure that it will offer you energy efficiency and it should also last a long time. Choose a house siding that is budget-friendly. It can be overwhelming to choose house siding. The decision will be made easier by reading this article that discusses the different types of house siding.

Vinyl is a common house siding. Its durability is the main reason for its popularity. There is also a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. Its longevity is increased when well-installed. Vinyl offers a budget-friendly option of house siding. Vinyl is also affordably installed. It is very easy to clean vinyl. Its limitations include being prone to dents and gashes and since it is not waterproof, poor installation leads to molding. Metal house siding is commonly associated with modern homes. The most common material used is steel and aluminum. Metal offers the benefit of resilience as it doesn’t mold or rot and offers fire resistance. Metal is considered a green product as it can be cut with minimal waste. Since its heavy, the labor costs are usually high. If poorly installed, metal is prone to rust. Read more on this article.

Wood is preferred due to its timeless and natural look. You can choose from pine, cider, spruce and fir. Wood can also be installed using different styles. Among the styles are shakes, shingles, board, and clapboard. Find out more from this article. It is less costly to install wood. To make wood durable is should be highly maintained. The wood needs to be stained and painted. Wood is great since it offers energy efficiency due to its high R-value. Brick is a great investment with house siding. Brick can’t be attacked by insects and is also fire resistant. Painting is not necessary. However, brick comes at a higher cost. The installation cost for brick also tends to be high. Go to this article for more information on this.

The types of house siding you can go for are many. Go to this article to learn more.

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